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Trigg County Hospital Auxiliary

In the early 1960′s, Mrs. Cleland White II started the Trigg County Hospital Auxiliary. In 1979, it was reorganized by Ray Lazar and Kathleen B. Magraw. The founding beliefs are as such:

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and advance the welfare of Trigg County Hospital and the people it serves and to maintain in Trigg County Hospital an atmosphere of Christian love and service, which will at all times be prominently felt by all patients, visitors, employees, and people whose business requires them to come in contact with the hospital.

The Trigg County Auxiliary is responsible for many worthy functions. The Auxiliary promotes the Trigg County Hospital Auxiliary Memorial Fund. People may honor a family member or friend by making a memorial contribution in their name to the Trigg County Hospital Auxiliary.

If you need a special gift, you will want to stop by The Gift Box. Gifts range from beautiful jewelry to toys for children and can all be found at reasonable prices. We invite you to stop by and browse as you visit the hospital!

The Auxiliary heads many projects focused around the improvement of hospital services. Kathleen B. Magraw remembers that a hydra-lift table for the Emergency Room was one of the first items donated to the hospital. Without a doubt, the hospital owes a great deal of gratitude to each and every Auxiliary member for the selfless giving of their time, energy, and compassion.

Would you like to join our team?

Please contact the Auxiliary at (270) 522-3215, ext. 3704
President: Margie Olech