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Price Transparency Information

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires hospitals to establish, update, and make public a list of standard charges for items and services provided. In its effort to comply with this requirement, Trigg County Hospital has posted below for patient access a listing of gross charges and negotiated prices associated with the care and services provided.

Tool listed below is only an estimate of out-of-pocket costs and are subject to change. Actual charges will vary depending on treatment and services received. Amounts owed by the patient depend upon the patient's insurance company, whether or not the patient deductible has been met, and the patient's out-of-pocket limit and coinsurance coverage. Please, check with your insurance company for help understanding your insurance coverage and benefits.

If you have any questions regarding the Patient Estimate Tool, please contact Trigg County Hospital Business Office at (270) 522-3215.

Patients may qualify for Trigg County Hospital's Financial Assistance Program. Please, reference the Patient Financial Information listed or contact Trigg County Hospital's Financial Counselor at (270) 522-3215 ext. 3616 for more information.

Hospital Standard Charges