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Charge Master

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires hospitals to post a list of charges for services and supplies. In its effort to comply with this requirement, Trigg County Hospital (TCH) has posted for patient access a listing of all charges associated with the care and services provided.

Key items to note:

Trigg County Hospital is a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) -

The CAH was created by the federal government to reduce the financial vulnerability of rural hospitals and improve access to healthcare in rural areas by keeping essential services in those rural communities.

CAH's, per federal guidelines, are a cost-based system. This means hospitals charge for the costs of services provided at a rate established by Medicare reimbursement, unlike larger hospitals who are paid using a different reimbursement method.

Patient portions of costs are based upon their insurance coverage and the individual contract between to the hospital or provider and the insurance company.

This is a list of charges and not what is owed by the patient. Amounts owed depend upon the patient's insurance company, whether or not the patient deductible has been met, the patient's out-of-pocket limit and coinsurance coverage. Please, check with your insurance company for help understanding your insurance coverage and benefits.

Pricing Information:

Price information can be accessed by clicking link(s) listed below or by using the Price Estimate Tool.

Hospital Pricing Information



Persons accessing and utilizing this information should understand that this information is updated at least annually. The following will apply:

Pricing is subject to change throughout the year;

Services may be added or deleted throughout the year; and,

Supplies may be added or deleted throughout the year.

Amounts owed as a part of patient responsibility for services and supplies should be confirmed with Business Office staff.

Price Estimate Tool